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Healthy Eating


Brockholes Pre-School always encourages healthy eating, the Breakfast and Snacks that we provided are specifically chosen in order to encourage healthy eating.

Each child is provided with one carton of Milk at snack time each day 


At Brockholes Pre-School if your child is attending over lunchtime (11.30 - 12.30) you will be required to provide a healthy lunchbox.

Useful information taken from -

Preparing your child's lunchbox


A healthier lunchbox should:

  • be based on starchy carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, rice, pasta) 

  • include fresh fruit and vegetables/salad 

  • include a source of protein such as beans and pulses, eggs, fish, meat, cheese (or dairy alternative) 

  • include a side dish such as a low-fat and lower-sugar yoghurt (or dairy alternative), tea cake, fruit bread, plain rice/corn cakes or sugar-free jelly.

  • include a drink such as water or sugar-free and no-added-sugar drinks.

The Eatwell Guide shows you how to have a healthy balanced diet and can help you decide what to put in your child's lunchbox. 

Making lunchboxes healthier


It may take a while for your child to get used to a healthier lunchbox but keep trying. These tips may help:

  • Get your children involved in preparing and choosing what goes in their lunchbox. They're more likely to eat it if they helped prepare it. 

  • Read supermarket food labels to help you buy healthier foods for your child's lunch and family mealtimes.

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